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You can always come to our place, we have plenty of room for great talent.

We are the result of constant learning & continuous improvement. If you work here you will be a better professional and become part of a group of people that goes beyond working hours.

We’re the family you get to choose, let us walk you through the onboarding process:

The candidate must complete a form that allows us to have a first X-ray of the technologies they have worked before and the methodologies they know, in addition to some other fundamental aspects for each of the positions they apply for.

What makes working with us so great?

We know that keeping our members happy is essential to achieve a great working environment. These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you join us.
  • Weekly English Lessons

    Living in Argentina gives us the advantage of working similar hours with the US.

  • Performance Bonus.

    Help us become more profitable and get rightful compensation. Win - Win

  • Birthday

    (You work part-time).
    You can leave at noon, take a nap, and get ready to go out and celebrate

  • Continuous Learning

    Specialization in company core technologies and defined stacks with a clear training plan are essential. This is the way.

  • Working Remote.

    We know you’ll miss your colleagues, but one or two days a week to concentrate and relax at home while working helps a lot.

  • Recommend a friend and get a Bonus.

    We want to count on good professionals and good people. Recommend those and if they get hired, you’ll be compensated.

  • Healthcare Plan

    Prevención Salud Plan A2 Having your healthcare covered is always a good plan.

Did you like what you saw?
Then maybe is time to join our team.

InHouse - Fulltime

Front End Developer

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InHouse - Fulltime

Back End Developer

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InHouse - Fulltime

Mobile Developer

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InHouse - Fulltime

UX/UI Designer

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InHouse - Fulltime

Project Manager

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InHouse - Fulltime

Business Analyst

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Can’t find the right position for you? Send us your resume anyway! 👉

Now that you know what we can do, let’s do it for you.

Whether from scratch or in advanced
stages, we can make it happen.