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UX/UI Design,
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A central platform that helps build and grow a community of local pet lovers, right on your door step.

Are you looking for
someone to take care
of your pet?

Flopster connects pet lovers in Dubai building a community of users who contribute on their own time to take care of each other's pets.

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Everything users need and nothing they don't.

The main screen concentrates most of the interactions between users (flopsters). The pet owners search for pet sitters, see their basic information, receive requests and even chat. From there the user can also schedule a flopster via calendar and enter the user menu to configure the personal information

Turning users into Flopsters from the very beginning.

When the user opens the app, after the account has been approved, it will take him through the onboarding. The intention is to get as much information as possible and to explain the user why such information is necessary. The app will request:

Your profile

Your sitter preferences

Your pet

Your availablity

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ELizabeth Swanson- pet sitter

Sara Wayne- pet owner

Flopsters are the users of Flopster, no matter their role.

We understand that the application must be simple, transparent and consistent. At all times, the user will be shown the instance he is in and what options he has. To facilitate consistency in this system, we verbalized the name Flopster.


Pet owner

Pet sitter

Is the state of the users, both pet owner and pet sitter, while they are interacting with each other.

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