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UX/UI Design,
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La Serenisima
va a tu casa

An ecommerce platform for one of the largest dairy brands in Argentina.

Everything you need, at your doorstep.

La Serenisima wanted to generate direct retail sales to the final consumer without having any intermediary. The project brings the company closer to its final consumers, forming a relationship that did not exist until now. It gives users the possibility that the products of their favorite brand arrive directly at their home, avoiding the problem of social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Buying your dairy has never been so easy

Through this site registered users can make their purchases in a practical and simple way and in very simple steps:

  • La Serenisima shows their products with great deals.
  • Customers make retail purchases directly from the manufacturer.
  • Customers can select what day and time they want to receive the order.

Step by step


First we made an analysis in order to decide which was the best tool (CMS) to have an MVP.

First we made an analysis in order to decide which was the best tool (CMS) to have an MVP.


Once this was defined, the design of the e-commerce was carried out.


WooCommerce based website was developed.


An integration was generated between the data obtained from e-commerce with the logistics system of La Serenísima.

What happens in the front, happens in the back

We had to generate an integration with La Serenísima's logistics system at each step of the purchase. The availability of product delivery is linked to La Serenísima's customer registration system and the time it takes to deliver (in days). So the delivery date and time selection system is personal for each client.

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